The Inores Technology

  • Inores combines mechanics, optics and robotics to create a unique and comprehensive system for a reliable and innovative solution in Bin Picking.
  • The mechanical design and process design of the stations is an integrated and important part of the Inores Station.
  • Inores has combined different layers of optical recognition with mathematical methods to reliably identify individual parts in the box.
  • The recognition process for the parts in the box has been made "robust" to changes in light conditions or other external influences using algorithms developed by Inores.

Industrial Bin Picking from Inores

  • Failsafe

    Few sensors, all processes are optically controlled and only very few moving parts

  • Quality inspection

    All parts are visually inspected (with cameras) for dimensions, shape and completeness to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the part before delivery to the production line.

  • Complete control

    The placement of the parts in the "insertion area" is also checked with cameras and graphic methods of object recognition.

  • Mechanics

    The gripper and the mechanical pick-up process are an integral part of Inores technology and are designed individually for each part.